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Work in progress

“Product Market Competition, Creative Destruction and Innovation” (with Rachel Griffith) submitted to Economics of Creative Destruction, slides

“The Impact of Regulation on Innovation” (with Philippe Aghion and Antoine Bergeaud). Revise and resubmit American Economic Review, slidesungated, Vox (video)

“Do Fiscal Incentives increase innovation? An RD Design for R&D” (with Antoine Dechezlepretre, Elias Einio, Ralf Martin, Kieu-Trang Nguyen). Revise and resubmit, American Economic Journal: Policy, ungated, Vox, video

“OPENing up Military Innovation: An Evaluation of Reforms to the U.S. Air Force SBIR Program” (with Sabrina T. Howell, Jason Rathje and Jun Wong), slidesVox, 2021 WRDS Award for best paper in empirical finance

“Come Together: Integration, Delegation and Management” (with Laura Alfaro, Nick Bloom, Paolo Conconi, Harald Fadinger, Patrick Legros, Andy Newman, Raffaella Sadun), submitted to Review of Economic Studies, ungated

“The Intellectual Spoils of War: Defense R&D, Productivity and Spillovers” (with Enrico Moretti and Claudia Steinwender), ungatedVox

“The Aggregate Effects of Credit Market Frictions: Evidence from Firm-level Default Assessments” (with Tim Besley, Peter Lambert and Isabelle Roland), ungatedVoxEU

“Management as a Technology” (with Nick Bloom and Raffaella Sadun), ungatedVoxDev, FT

“Management and Misallocation: Evidence from Mexico”

“Who’s got the Power? Decentralization from headquarters to plant managers” (with Nick Bloom, Scott Ohlmacher, Sean Wang and Michael Wong)

“The Impact of New Technology on the Healthcare Workforce” (with Ari Bronsoler and Joe Doyle) MIT Workforce of the Future Research Brief

“Management in Pakistan: First evidence from the Punjab” (with Renata Lemos, Ali Choudhary and Nick Bloom), IGC ungatedWebsite:

“Managing Expectations: How better managed firms make better macro and micro forecasts”

“The Adaptable Organization” (with Daron Acemoglu and Sean Wang)