January 14


January 7-9

15th Digital Economics Conference, Toulouse, "The Rise of Superstar Firms: Causes and

     Consequences", slides

American Economic Association, USA


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January 3-5

ESRI International Conference, "Policies to accelerate investment and innovation to raise productivity",


HMT Enterprise and Growth Seminar Series, "Policies to Raise Productivity & Pay: Innovation, Diffusion

     & Misallocation", slides

LBS Economics, "The Impact of Regulation on Innovation", slides

Lazaridis Institute, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada, "Rapid Research", slides

UCL Applied Micro Seminar, "Regulation and Innovation", slides

University of Mannheim, ZEW-EPos Workshop, "Regulation and Innovation", slides

European Research Workshop in International Trade, Milan, "Superstar Spillovers", slides

10th CompNet Annual Conference (co-hosted by Banque de France), Keynote, slides

UCL, “Tribute to Wendy Carlin: 35 years at UCL” Lecture, slides

ECB Forum on Central Banking, Sintra, "Discussion of Productivity Dispersion", slides

PrOPEL Hub and the University of Nottingham, "Management and Productivity in a Post-pandemic

     World: Trends and Lessons on Building a Productive Workforce", slides

Dublin Economic Workshop - Annual Economic Policy Conference 2021, slides

European Association for Research in Industrial Economics (EARIE), "The Role of the State in the post

     COVID-19 Economy", 3 presentations (John Van Reenen, Wendy Carlin, Philippe Aghion)

Economics of Creative Destruction, Paris, 2 presentations (John Van Reenen, Rachel Griffith)

Industry Studies Association Annual Conference, Panel on Future of Work

Powering Ahead: Raising Productivity, Resolution Foundation

UNB Future of Growth Conference, “Going for Growth”, slides

NBER Wage Dynamics, Discussion of Derenoncourt et al “Spillover effects from voluntary employer

     Minimum Wages”, slides

INSEAD, “Opening up military innovation”, slides

UK Civil Service, “Productivity and Growth”, slides

Kellogg Northwestern, “Opening up military innovation”, slides

MIT TIES, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides

National Academies’ conference on FDI and Innovation, Colorado, “Superstar Spillovers”

Deaton Review, IFS, “Firms and Inequality”

OECD Keynote, “Going for Growth”, slides

Bergen Keynote, “Superstar Firms”

European Central Bank, “Going for Growth”, slides

School of Finance, Tsingua University, China, “Opening up military innovation”, slides

UC Berkeley, USA, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides

US Census Bureau, “Opening up military innovation”, slides

LSE Labour Workshop, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides

Erasmus University, “Opening up military innovation”, slides

MIT Organizational Economic Lecture II, slides

MIT Organizational Economic Lecture I, slides

MIT Organizational Economics, “Opening up military innovation”, slides

LSE Capabilities, “Opening up military innovation”, slides

London, Mallow Street Association of Pension Fund Investors, “Going For Growth”, slides

LSE, “Going For Growth” Public Lecture, video, slides

AEA, 3 presentations


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January 3-5

Economists for Inclusive Prosperity, “What Should Biden do?”

Peking HSBC Business School, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides

CEP/POID, “Covid and technology adoption”

CEPR Globalisation, Labor Markets and Technology, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides

MIT/IDE Future of Work, video

UCL Gorman Workshop, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides

Microsoft Research Group, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides

LSE Development “Management, Development and the Wealth of Nations”

INET Live Webinar, “What is Technology? Accelerator, Enabler, or Displacer”, video

ESCOE Annual Conference Keynote, “Finding the Measure of Management”

Rotterdam, CAED Keynote, “Organizational Data for the COVID Era”

Tokyo: MITSUI Executive Briefing, Lost Einsteins

Schmidt Futures Post-Apex Group, Innovation Policies

NBER Summer Institute (Productivity and Macro), “Regulation and Innovation”, slides

Brussels: ECFIN European Commission, “RD for R&D”, video

Washington DC, Hamilton Foundation, Innovation Policies

Rome: Presentation to Italian Prime Minister on COVID policy

LBS: COVID Webinar, COVID: Public policy and firm policy slides and video

Chicago: Heckman Inequality Seminar, “Firms and Inequality”

CEPR-IO workshop, "RD for R&D", video

LSE-EBRD Power Breakfast, “Economics of COVID”

NYU Finance, “RD for R&D”, video

Tony Blair Institute, “Superstar firms and policy”

San Diego AEA, 7 presentations


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January 10

CRAI conference on Market Power

Workforce of the Future Taskforce, MIT

Applied Micro Seminar, “Superstar Firms” Columbia University

Productivity Workshop, Santiago, Management and the Wealth of Nations

QMW Macro Seminar, “Superstar Firms”

European Central Bank Distinguished Speaker series, Superstar Firms

CEPR Org Econ conference Keynote, Management and the Wealth of Nations, London

Barcelona, EARIE Annual Conference keynote, Changes in Market Structure

NBER Summer Institute, Innovation Policy

Monetary Policy Committee, Bank of England, Product Market Power

LSE, Climate Change Innovation

Accenture Agile Business Models, “Effects of new technology on jobs and growth”

LSE Capabilities, “Superstar Firms”

Imperial College, “Superstar Firms”

British Academy “Lost Generations”

LSE, “Industrial Policy”

MRSI Trade Workshop, British Academy, “Brexit Economics”

LSE Public Lecture “Where will future growth and jobs come from?” Podcast video

Stanford GSB/Econ Joint Applied Micro Seminar, “Superstar Firms”

Chicago BFI, “The New Gilded Age”, video

Duke Applied Economics, “Superstar Firms”

Cornell, “Lost Einsteins”

Harvard Business School, “Lost Einsteins”

LSE Capabilities, “Superstar Firms”

Zurich, “Future of Work”

HM Treasury, London, Productivity: Technology, Management and Policy

European Commission, Brussels, “Competition Policy in an era of Superstar Firms”

Ireland Higher Education Authority/MIT, Dublin, “What is the Future of Work?”