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November 16 -  Annual workshop of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) Research Cluster 2

September 14 - LSE Environment Week, London, Public Lecture, "An industrial strategy for the green economy", video.

September 7 - Yale University, Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics, "Ray of Hope? China and the rise

of solar energy", slides

August 1 - Singapore Management University, Applied Macroeconomics Seminar, "America's Missing Entrepreneurs",


July 31 - Civil Service College, Singapore, Policy Roundtable.

July 28 - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore: Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society (AMES), Keynote

speech "Management and the Wealth of Nations", slides

17 July - NBER Research Bootcamp Conference, USA, Masterclass, "The Economics of Organizations", slides


17 July - NBER Conference on Research In Income and Wealth, USA, “Local and National Concentration Trends in

Jobs and Sales: The Role of Structural Transformation”, slides

5 July - LSE CEP-POID Economy 2030 Inquiry Workshop, London, slides

June 28 - University of Nottingham, Symposium on Management, Innovation and Firm Performance, Keynote

presentation, "Management and the Wealth of Nations", slides

June 21 - HEC Paris: Conference on "Firm organization and capabilities", Keynote presentation, "America's missing

entrepreneurs", slides

June 19 - College de France: Conference on 'Entrepreneurship, risk, talent and innovation', "America's missing

entrepreneurs", slides

June 16 - University of Manchester: Conference on "Productivity Revolutions: Past and Future", Keynote presentation on "Management and the Wealth of Nations", slides

June 14 - World Bank: 1st Digitrans Project Retreat, Keynote presentation on "Management and the Wealth of Nations",


May 23 - NBER: Megafirms and the Economy Conference, USA.


May 18 - CEPR/STICERD Workshop, LSE, "Organising Development and The Development of Organisations: Reflection

and Future Directions", slides

May 11 - University of Chicago: IO Seminar, "Ray of Hope? China and the Rise of Solar Energy", slides

May 10 - University of Chicago: The Coase Project Conference, 'Coase Initiative Masterclass in Productivity", slides

May 4 - University of Oslo: Department of Economics Seminar, "Ray of Hope? China and the Rise of Solar Energy",


May 2 - LSE Environment Day, London.

April 14 - University of British Columbia, Canada: Sauder School of Business, "FDI and superstar spillovers: Evidence

from firm-to-firm transactions", slides

April 13 - University of British Columbia, Canada: Department of Economics, "The impact of regulation on innovation",


April 5 - The Royal Economic Society Annual Conference, Glasgow, "Productivity under global uncertainty"

March 15 - University of Surrey: Economics Seminar, "FDI and Superstar Spillovers: Evidence from Firm-to-Firm

Transactions", slides


March 14 - University of Padova, Italy: Economics Seminar (online), "FDI and Superstar Spillovers: Evidence from Firm-

to-Firm Transactions", slides

March 8 - MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, USA (online), "The Impact of Regulation and Innovation", slides

March 2 - Keystone Strategy's Antitrust, Regulation and the Political Economy Conference, Brussels, The Rise of

Superstar Firms: Causes and Consequences", slides, video

March 1 - Department of Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport

(DCMS), "The Rise of Superstar Firms: Causes and Consequences", slides

February 9 - NBER Economic Analysis of Regulation Conference, USA (online), "The impact of regulation and

innovation", slides

January 25 - Future of Work and Wellbeing Conference, London, "Innovation and firms"

January 23 - OECD High Level Symposium on Pro-Competitive Policies for a Sustainable Economic Recovery, Paris

(online), "Competition and Green Growth", slides


December 14-15 - Empirical Management Conference, IFC, USA, Keynote presentation "The Natural Laws of

Management", slides, video

December 3 - UCL Stone Centre, London: Workshop on Economic dynamism and distributive justice, "Innovation and investment inequality", slides

November 14 - University of Michigan, USA: Labor and Public Finance Seminar, "The Impact of Regulation on

Innovation", slides

November 7 - Tel Aviv University, Israel: Applied Economics Seminar, "FDI and Superstar Spillovers: Evidence from

Firm-to-Firm Transactions", slides

October 26 - DG COMP, European Commission, Brussels: Economic Seminar, "The Rise of Superstar Firms: Causes

and Consequences", slides


October 25 - LSE Economics Society Sen Club, London, "Have Productivity and Pay Decoupled in the UK?", slides


October 5 - Harvard Kennedy School, USA: Reimagining the Economy Project - Workshop on Firm Support

Policies, "Reimagining the Economy: Harvard Kennedy School Discussion", slides

September 30 - University of Oklahoma, USA: Applied Microeconomics Seminar, "The impact of Regulation on

Innovation", slides

September 21 - LSE Environment Week, London, Public Lecture 'Ray of Hope? Innovation and the Climate Crisis',

"The Case for Growth: Threats, Opportunities and Climate Change", slides

September 13-15 - Presentation in Sweden:

- Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES), "The Impact of Regulation on Innovation", slides

- Centre for Business and Policy Studies (SNS), "The Case for Growth: Threats, Opportunities and Climate

Change", slides

- Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), Department of Economics, "OPENing up Military Innovation: Causal

Effects of Reforms to U.S. Defense Research", slides

August 25 - EEA-ESEM 2022 Congress, Bocconi University, Milan, "The Case for Growth: Threats and Opportunities"

(slides) and "Do tax incentives for research increase firm innovation? An RD Design for R&D" (slides)

July 21 - NBER "Innovation Research Boot Camp, Summer 2022", Boston, Lectures on "The Economics of Innovation

Policy", (slides: The Economics of Innovation Policy: SyllabusInnovation Policies II: IntroductionInnovation Policies: R&D SpilloversR&D Tax CreditsGeneral Taxation and Innovation PoliciesDirect R&D SubsidiesInnovation and Human Capital Policy)


July 8 - Annual Conference of the OECD Global Forum on Productivity (GFP) 2022, Keynote speech "The Case for

Growth: Threats and Opportunities", slides


June 28 - EU Joint Research Centre, Italy, "OPENing up Military Innovation: An Evaluation of Reforms to the U.S. Air

Force SBIR Program", slides


June 20 - Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH), Germany, "The Impact of Regulation on Innovation", slides


June 17 - University of Kent, "The Impact of Labour Regulation on Innovation", paper


June 16 - NYU-LMU Panel on "Superstar Firms and Innovation", video


June 10 - CEPR Annual Symposium in Labour Economics 2022, Keynote lecture "Inequalities among firms: Implications for Labour Markets", slides


May 28 - LSE CEP/Becker Friedman Institute (UChicago): The Chicago/LSE Crime Conference 2022, "Policing and

management", slidesNBER WP 29851


May 26 - UCL Stone Wealth Inequality Centre Launch, "The Future isn't what is used to be", slides, video


May 25 - British Academy Conference on Inequalities in the 21st Century: the IFS Deaton Review, London, "Deaton

Review: Firms and Inequality", slides

May 19 - University of Chicago: Coase Conference on Innovation and Environment, Panel on "Global Diffusion of Solar

Power and the Role of China", slides

May 5 - ZEW Public Finance Conference, Mannheim, Keynote "The Case for Growth: Innovation and Diffusion Policies",



April 29 - The Sandmo Lecture on Public Policy, Bergen, Norway, Keynote "Inequality and Superstar Firms", slides


April 27 - Bundesbank Research Seminar, Germany, "The aggregate consequences of default risk: evidence from firm-

level data", slides


March 25 - Nova School of Business and Economics' Finance Seminar, Portugal, "OPENing up Military Innovation:

Causal effects of Reforms to U.S. Defense Research", slides


March 24 - British Academy Conference on Technology and the Future of Labour: Historical and Contemporary 

        Perspectives, "Technology, Labour Markets and Firms", slides


March 15 - LSE/Labour UK/CEA/The Resolution Foundation webinar, "Bidenomics: Lessons for the UK", video


March 11 - NBER Labor Studies Discussion of: “Why Do Larger Firms have Lower Labor Shares?” by de Frahan, 

Lamadon, Meling and Mogstad, slides


March 4 - LSE Economy 2030 Inquiry Workshop, "Economy 2030: Firms", slides


March 3 - IFS Seminar on Firms, market power, innovation and inequality, "Deaton Review: Firms and Inequality", slides


February 3 - Department of Management and Technology, Bocconi University, “OPENing up Military Innovation: Causal

effects of Reforms to U.S. Defense Research”, slides


January 27 - Policy Unit @ No. 10, London, "Policies to Raise Pay and Productivity: Innovation and Diffusion", slides


January 14 - 15th Digital Economics Conference, Toulouse, "The Rise of Superstar Firms: Causes and Consequences",

slides, video 


January 7 - American Economic Association Conference, USA, "FDI and Superstar Spillovers: Evidence from Firm-to-

Firm Transactions", slides


January 7 - American Economic Association Conference, USA, "Management and Misallocation Evidence from

Mexican Firms", slides


December 17 - ESRI International Conference, "Policies to accelerate investment and innovation to raise

productivity", slides


December 2 - HMT Enterprise and Growth Seminar Series, "Policies to Raise Productivity & Pay: Innovation, Diffusion &

Misallocation", slides


December 1 - LBS Economics, "The Impact of Regulation on Innovation", slides


November 18 - Lazaridis Institute, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada, "Rapid Research", slides


November 4 - UCL Applied Micro Seminar, "Regulation and Innovation", slides


October 29-30 - University of Mannheim, ZEW-EPos Workshop, "Regulation and Innovation", slides


October 21 - European Research Workshop in International Trade, Milan, "Superstar Spillovers", slides


October 5 - UCL, “Tribute to Wendy Carlin: 35 years at UCL” Lecture, slides


September 29 - ECB Forum on Central Banking, Sintra, "Discussion of Productivity Dispersion", slides


September 15 - PrOPEL Hub and the University of Nottingham, "Management and Productivity in a Post-pandemic

World: Trends and Lessons on Building a Productive Workforce", slides


September 14 - Dublin Economic Workshop - Annual Economic Policy Conference 2021, slides


August 28 - European Association for Research in Industrial Economics (EARIE), "The Role of the State in the post

COVID-19 Economy", 3 presentations (John Van Reenen, Wendy Carlin, Philippe Aghion)


June 9-12 - The Economics of Creative Destruction, Paris, 2 presentations (John Van Reenen, Rachel Griffith)


June 3 - Industry Studies Association Annual Conference, Panel on Future of Work


May 26 - Powering Ahead: Raising Productivity, Resolution Foundation


May 21 - UNB Future of Growth Conference, “Going for Growth”, slides


May 20 - NBER Wage Dynamics, Discussion of Derenoncourt et al “Spillover effects from voluntary employer Minimum

Wages”, slides


May 19 - INSEAD, “Opening up military innovation”, slides


May 14 - UK Civil Service, “Productivity and Growth”, slides


May 13 - Kellogg Northwestern, “Opening up military innovation”, slides


May 10 - MIT TIES, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides


May 6 - National Academies’ conference on FDI and Innovation, Colorado, “Superstar Spillovers” 


May 4 - Deaton Review, IFS, “Firms and Inequality”


April 29 - OECD Keynote, “Going for Growth”, slides


April 27 - Bergen Keynote, “Superstar Firms”


April 23 - European Central Bank, “Going for Growth”, slides


April 21 - School of Finance, Tsingua University, China, “Opening up military innovation”, slides


April 8 - UC Berkeley, USA, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides


April 7 - US Census Bureau, “Opening up military innovation”, slides


March 30 - LSE Labour Workshop, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides


March 22 - Erasmus University, “Opening up military innovation”, slides


March 18 - MIT Organizational Economic Lecture II, slides


March 16 - MIT Organizational Economic Lecture I, slides


March 16 - MIT Organizational Economics, “Opening up military innovation”, slides


March 11 - LSE Capabilities, “Opening up military innovation”, slides


February 22 - London, Mallow Street Association of Pension Fund Investors, “Going For Growth”, slides


February 8 - LSE, “Going For Growth” Public Lecture, video, slides


January 3-5 - AEA, 3 presentations


December 18 - IMT School Workshop on Technology and Labour

December 1 - Economists for Inclusive Prosperity, “What Should Biden do?”


November 25 - Peking HSBC Business School, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides


November 24 - CEP/POID, “Covid and technology adoption”


November 19 - CEPR Globalisation, Labor Markets and Technology, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides


November 18 - MIT/IDE Future of Work, video


October 12 - UCL Gorman Workshop, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides


October 8 - Microsoft Research Group, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides


September 30 - LSE Development “Management, Development and the Wealth of Nations”


September 29 - INET Live Webinar, “What is Technology? Accelerator, Enabler, or Displacer”, video


September 18 - ESCOE Annual Conference Keynote, “Finding the Measure of Management”


August 27 - Rotterdam, CAED Keynote, “Organizational Data for the COVID Era”


August 4 - Tokyo: MITSUI Executive Briefing, Lost Einsteins


July 27 - Schmidt Futures Post-Apex Group, Innovation Policies


July 25 - NBER Summer Institute (Productivity and Macro), “Regulation and Innovation”, slides


June 25 - Brussels: ECFIN European Commission, “RD for R&D”, video


June 16 - Washington DC, Hamilton Foundation, Innovation Policies


June 13 - Rome: Presentation to Italian Prime Minister on COVID policy


June 12 - LBS: COVID Webinar, COVID: Public policy and firm policy slides and video


May 5 - Chicago: Heckman Inequality Seminar, “Firms and Inequality”


April 8 - CEPR-IO workshop, "RD for R&D", video


April 6 - LSE-EBRD Power Breakfast, “Economics of COVID”


April 1 - NYU Finance, “RD for R&D”, video


January 28 - Tony Blair Institute, “Superstar firms and policy”


January 3-5 - San Diego AEA, 7 presentations


December 10 - CRAI conference on Market Power

November 7 - Workforce of the Future Taskforce, MIT

November 6 - Applied Micro Seminar, “Superstar Firms” Columbia University

October 21 - Productivity Workshop, Santiago, Management and the Wealth of Nations

October 14 - QMW Macro Seminar, “Superstar Firms”

September 30 - European Central Bank Distinguished Speaker series, Superstar Firms

September 26 - CEPR Economics Conference, London, Keynote "Management and the Wealth of Nations"

August 31 - Barcelona, EARIE Annual Conference, Keynote "Changes in Market Structure"

July 18 - NBER Summer Institute, Innovation Policy

July 8 - Monetary Policy Committee, Bank of England, Product Market Power

July 4 - LSE, Climate Change Innovation

June 18 - Accenture Agile Business Models, “Effects of new technology on jobs and growth”

June 17 - LSE Capabilities, “Superstar Firms”

June 11 - Imperial College, “Superstar Firms”

June 10 - British Academy “Lost Generations”

May 24 - LSE, “Industrial Policy”

May 23 - MRSI Trade Workshop, British Academy, “Brexit Economics”

May 22 - LSE Public Lecture “Where will future growth and jobs come from?” Podcast video

May 14 - Stanford GSB/Econ Joint Applied Micro Seminar, “Superstar Firms”

May 9 - Chicago BFI, “The New Gilded Age”, video

April 16 - Duke Applied Economics, “Superstar Firms”

March 11 - Cornell, “Lost Einsteins”

March 8 - Harvard Business School, “Lost Einsteins”

February 14 - LSE Capabilities, “Superstar Firms”

January 30 - Zurich, “Future of Work”

January 21 - HM Treasury, London, Productivity: Technology, Management and Policy

January 17 - European Commission, Brussels, “Competition Policy in an era of Superstar Firms”

January 10 - Ireland Higher Education Authority/MIT, Dublin, “What is the Future of Work?”

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