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Folded Newspapers


Central bankers grapple with the changing nature of competition (September 1, The Economist)

Fears that China has hurt innovation in the West are overblown (May 5, The Economist)

A healthy re-examination of free trade’s benefits and shocks (May 4, The Economist)

Innovation, meet organization (January 8, MIT News)


Van Reenen Warns of Brexit's Big Costs for U.K. (February 8, Bloomberg TV interview)

Brexit will leave Britons more than $4,000 poorer (February 8, CNBC)

‘Superstar’ Companies are Eating into Workers Wealth (February 3, Bloomberg)


Measuring Management (January 18, The Economist)



Holding on for tomorrow (November 16, The Economist)

No industrial policy, we're British (April 17, Financial Times interview)

Britain should not go back to the future (April 11, Financial Times)

Budget 2013: The chancellor's challenges (March 19, BBC News)

Budget 2013: Should the government plough ahead with cuts? (March 18, BBC News)

There is no shame in being a bureaucrat (March 3, Financial Times)

Editorial: AAA loss is a sign of failure (February 24, Independent)

Moody’s downgrades UK debt (February 23, BBC Newshour)

Do Bankers Bonuses Need an Overhaul? (February 22, CNBC)

Bankers pay up 14%, workers' wages up 3.7%: Fatcats who sparked crisis still lapping up the cream (February 22, Daily Mirror)

Incentive for schools to promote talent (February 7, Financial Times)

Why democracies aren’t good at bridge building (February 5, Bloomberg)

Scheme is no guarantee of reviving the economy (February 4, The Times)

A growth manifesto (February 2, The Economist)

Failure of long-term investment in infrastructure is one of Britain's most intractable social and economic problems (February 1, Daily Mail)

Planning for long-term growth tells us what we should do in the short-term (February 1, New Stateman)

Politics blamed as bar to growth (January 31, Financial Times)

Long-term thinking for the UK economy (January 31, BBC News)

Household income is measure of economic recovery (January 31, The Guardian)

If this is the future, it looks brighter already (January 31, The Times)

Britain needs infrastructure bank, say academics (January 31, The Times)

Failing schools 'hampering economy': Britain will not prosper unless education is overhauled (January 31, Daily Mail)

UK needs industrial strategy (January 31, The Telegraph)

Britain needs a long-term prosperity plan (January 30, Financial Times)

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