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Folded Newspapers


Cited POID' Special Paper "Cracking the productivity code: an international comparison of UK" (27 November, Channel 4


Podcast: Renewable energy in low- and middle-income countries (21 November, VoxDevTalk)

Podcast: AI's impact on jobs (13 November, VoxEU)


How to be a better boss (26 October, The Economist)

Podcast: How to Succeed at Failing, Part 2: Life and death (18 October, Freakonomics Radio)

Too many managers still failing the competency test (17 October, Daily Star News Today)

How Labour could sabotage its big play for business (14 October, The Telegraph)

Stubbornly High Interest Rates Risk Squeezing the Life Out of UK Companies (12 October, BNN Bloomberg)

Podcast: How to Succeed at Failing, Part 1: The chain of events (11 October, Freakonomics Radio)

Small business research programs - Most agencies allow applicants to define needs and propose solutions (29 September, GAO)

Octopus emotions, and past lessons for present innovation: Books in brief (25 September, Nature)

Podcast - Big firm, little firm: are differences between companies driving inequality and holding back growth? (30 August, IFS)


Britain's failed experiment in boosting low-wage sectors (24 August, The Economist)

Goliath's triumph: America's corporate giants are getting harder to topple (21 August, The Economist)

Danger of populism looms over the European economy, could potentially see a repeat of Brexit-like chaos (14 August, Economy Chosum)

Why productivity is so weak at UK companies (25 July, Financial Times)

Is big business really getting too big? (12 July, The Economist)

Will a Noncompete Ban Impact Innovation Beyond Tech Hubs? (28 June, MIT Sloan Review)

Study Blames Regulation for Lower Rates of Innovation (20 June, Reason)

Inside the battle to make the lethargic public sector more productive (14 June, The Telegraph)

Does regulation hurt innovation? This study says yes (7 June, MIT Sloan)

Generative AI's 'productivity revolution' will take time to pay off (5 June, Financial Times)

A new world order seeks to prioritise security and climate change (11 May, The Economist)

Research Shows US Manufacturing Decline Has Widened Many Workers' Choice Of Employers (2 May, India Education)

Announcement: Anna Valero joins the chancellor’s economic advisory council (18 April, Gov.UK)

America's economic outperformance is a marvel to behold (13 April, The Economist)


McDonald's Faces Layoffs as US Headquarters Shuts Down (5 April, Lee Daily) 


How to Navigate Tough Economic Times as a Business Leader (24 March, Business Review)


Endless innovating when it comes to R&D policy can only be unhelpful (15 March, Financial Times)

Some home truths about declining research productivity, innovation and disruption (12 March, ABC)

New research from MIT Sloan investigates how state policy impacts the sharing of health information data and its resulting improvements to the quality of health care (9 March, Yahoo Finance)

Bad managers on brilliant pay: that's why the UK's not working (25 February, The Guardian)


How US demographics complicate the Fed's job (23 February 2023, Central Banking)

For Britain to grow faster it needs better managers (4 February 2023, The Economist)

How to fix the British economy (3 February 2023, Financial Times)

These Companies Have Announced the Biggest Layoffs in 2023 (20 January, TIME Online)

The BBC take on the Brexit scorecard two years on (12 January, Briefings for Britain)

House price slump in 2023 will be worse since financial crisis (3 January, The Times)

Brexit: The scorecard two years on (3 January, BBC)

UK economists' survey: 'miserable' year ahead for households (2 January, Financial Times)

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