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December 18 - IMT School Workshop on Technology and Labour

December 1 - Economists for Inclusive Prosperity, “What Should Biden do?”


November 25 - Peking HSBC Business School, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides


November 24 - CEP/POID, “Covid and technology adoption”


November 19 - CEPR Globalisation, Labor Markets and Technology, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides


November 18 - MIT/IDE Future of Work, video


October 12 - UCL Gorman Workshop, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides


October 8 - Microsoft Research Group, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides


September 30 - LSE Development “Management, Development and the Wealth of Nations”


September 29 - INET Live Webinar, “What is Technology? Accelerator, Enabler, or Displacer”, video


September 18 - ESCOE Annual Conference Keynote, “Finding the Measure of Management”


August 27 - Rotterdam, CAED Keynote, “Organizational Data for the COVID Era”


August 4 - Tokyo: MITSUI Executive Briefing, Lost Einsteins


July 27 - Schmidt Futures Post-Apex Group, Innovation Policies


July 25 - NBER Summer Institute (Productivity and Macro), “Regulation and Innovation”, slides


June 25 - Brussels: ECFIN European Commission, “RD for R&D”, video


June 16 - Washington DC, Hamilton Foundation, Innovation Policies


June 13 - Rome: Presentation to Italian Prime Minister on COVID policy


June 12 - LBS: COVID Webinar, COVID: Public policy and firm policy slides and video


May 5 - Chicago: Heckman Inequality Seminar, “Firms and Inequality”


April 8 - CEPR-IO workshop, "RD for R&D", video


April 6 - LSE-EBRD Power Breakfast, “Economics of COVID”


April 1 - NYU Finance, “RD for R&D”, video


January 28 - Tony Blair Institute, “Superstar firms and policy”


January 3-5 - San Diego AEA, 7 presentations

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