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December 17 - ESRI International Conference, "Policies to accelerate investment and innovation to raise

productivity", slides


December 2 - HMT Enterprise and Growth Seminar Series, "Policies to Raise Productivity & Pay: Innovation, Diffusion &

Misallocation", slides


December 1 - LBS Economics, "The Impact of Regulation on Innovation", slides


November 18 - Lazaridis Institute, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada, "Rapid Research", slides


November 4 - UCL Applied Micro Seminar, "Regulation and Innovation", slides


October 29-30 - University of Mannheim, ZEW-EPos Workshop, "Regulation and Innovation", slides


October 21 - European Research Workshop in International Trade, Milan, "Superstar Spillovers", slides


October 5 - UCL, “Tribute to Wendy Carlin: 35 years at UCL” Lecture, slides


September 29 - ECB Forum on Central Banking, Sintra, "Discussion of Productivity Dispersion", slides


September 15 - PrOPEL Hub and the University of Nottingham, "Management and Productivity in a Post-pandemic

World: Trends and Lessons on Building a Productive Workforce", slides


September 14 - Dublin Economic Workshop - Annual Economic Policy Conference 2021, slides


August 28 - European Association for Research in Industrial Economics (EARIE), "The Role of the State in the post

COVID-19 Economy", 3 presentations (John Van Reenen, Wendy Carlin, Philippe Aghion)


June 9-12 - The Economics of Creative Destruction, Paris, 2 presentations (John Van Reenen, Rachel Griffith)


June 3 - Industry Studies Association Annual Conference, Panel on Future of Work


May 26 - Powering Ahead: Raising Productivity, Resolution Foundation


May 21 - UNB Future of Growth Conference, “Going for Growth”, slides


May 20 - NBER Wage Dynamics, Discussion of Derenoncourt et al “Spillover effects from voluntary employer Minimum

Wages”, slides


May 19 - INSEAD, “Opening up military innovation”, slides


May 14 - UK Civil Service, “Productivity and Growth”, slides


May 13 - Kellogg Northwestern, “Opening up military innovation”, slides


May 10 - MIT TIES, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides


May 6 - National Academies’ conference on FDI and Innovation, Colorado, “Superstar Spillovers” 


May 4 - Deaton Review, IFS, “Firms and Inequality”


April 29 - OECD Keynote, “Going for Growth”, slides


April 27 - Bergen Keynote, “Superstar Firms”


April 23 - European Central Bank, “Going for Growth”, slides


April 21 - School of Finance, Tsingua University, China, “Opening up military innovation”, slides


April 8 - UC Berkeley, USA, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides


April 7 - US Census Bureau, “Opening up military innovation”, slides


March 30 - LSE Labour Workshop, “Regulation and Innovation”, slides


March 22 - Erasmus University, “Opening up military innovation”, slides


March 18 - MIT Organizational Economic Lecture II, slides


March 16 - MIT Organizational Economic Lecture I, slides


March 16 - MIT Organizational Economics, “Opening up military innovation”, slides


March 11 - LSE Capabilities, “Opening up military innovation”, slides


February 22 - London, Mallow Street Association of Pension Fund Investors, “Going For Growth”, slides


February 8 - LSE, “Going For Growth” Public Lecture, video, slides


January 3-5 - AEA, 3 presentations

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