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Dublin Economic Workshop, "Is it time to rethink Ireland’s economic model?", video


IMT School Workshop on Technology and Labour

Productivity Workshop, Santiago, Management and the Wealth of Nations

CEPR Organizational and Entrepreneurship Economics, “Management and the Wealth of Nations”


LSE, “Industrial Policy”


Zurich, “Future of Work”


Bank of Portugal, article


Bank of Italy, “Future of Work”


OECD/BEIS, “Future of Work”


Jackson Hole, “Increasing Differences Between Firms: Market Power and the Macro-Economy”, discussion paper

Banque de France/College de France Conference on Productivity, slides

Lost Einsteins, IGL Annual Conference, Cambridge MA, programme

University of Essex, Management, Technology and the Wealth of Nations, Lipsey Lectures



Management and the Wealth of Nations, Empirical Management Conference, World Bank


Jackson Hole, Globalization and the Economic Impact of Brexit,


Schumpeter Lecture, European Economic Association, Lisbon, slides


ADIA Global Investors Annual Conference Keynote, Abu Dubai


Plenary Panel on Brexit, Royal Economic Society Annual Conference


CE2/Polish Economic Association Annual Conference


CES-Ifo Economics of Education Keynote address, Munich, slides

Richard Stone Lecture, Cambridge University

Spanish Economic Association, Santander, keynote address


Marcus Wallenberg Foundation Conference, Stockholm, slides

Australasian Econometric Society Annual Meetings, Sydney


Organizational Economics Workshop


FBBVA Annual Lecture, Madrid


“UK Productivity Puzzles” Bank of England Chief Economist’s Workshop, slides


Royal Economic Society Conference Plenary on Growth Commission


EEA/FBBVA Annual Lecture at American Economic Association, San Diego

Family Business Network Annual Global conference


European Society for Population Economics Keynote, "Wage Inequality, Skill Demand and Skill Supply: Recent evidence", Berne, Switzerland, slides


Irish Economic Association, Dublin, slides

Esmee Fairburn Lecture, Lancaster University Management School 


Fondazione Rodolfo Debenedetti Lecture, Milan, video