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Folded Newspapers


UK girds to strike free trade deal with the GCC (December 22, Amwaj Media)

The chips are down: how tech's innovation crisis threatens global economy (December 20, The Telegraph)

It’s always a good time to be thankful for economic growth (December 6, AEI)

Britain’s economy does not lack oomph, but productivity is lagging (November 20, The Economist)

I don't like Mondays-or Fridays: City workers decide three days a week in the office is enough (November 19, The Telegraph)

Concerns about Glasgow (November 13,

How new technology can help clinical quality, productivity, and the healthcare workforce (November 10, LSE Business Review)


Wages of the typical UK employee have become decoupled from productivity (November 3, POID Press Release)


An uber-optimistic view of the future (October 27, MIT Technology Review)

Winner takes all investing (October 25, Financial Times)

ECB monetary policy and catch-up inflation (October 14, VoxEU)

Are superstar companies causing inflation after the pandemic? (October 2, De Tijd)

The Opportunity for Software & IT Services SMEs to Compete in the Post-COVID Environment (September 29, BBC News Wales)

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) best paper awarded to John Van Reenen (September 27, WRDS)

Wave goodbye to the handshake (September 24, The Economist)


Global economy needs Marshall Plan for Covid, climate change – economist (September 14, The Irish Times)

A million jobs in peril as one in 16 UK firms say they are at risk of closure (August 15, The Observer)


Almost three-quarters of a million businesses ‘at risk of failure over next three months', economists warn (May 4, The Independent)


Firms at risk: 'We are worried about how we can survive' (January 27, BBC)

Around 900,000 small firms at risk in ‘cruel spring of bankruptcy’ if Covid help stopped, Rishi Sunak warned (January 27, The Independent)

Gordon Brown calls for urgent budget help as 1 in 7 UK firms face collapse (January 27, The Guardian)

UK economists’ survey: recovery will be slower than in peer countries (January 3, Financial Times)


Professor John Van Reenen to lead £5m research programme into boosting UK productivity (August 21, ESRC)


Why tech didn’t save us from covid-19 (June 17, MIT Technology Review)

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